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Tom Reynolds, founder of the edtech platform EdenFiftyOne, is revolutionizing English education globally. Diagnosed with dyslexia at 22, Tom was inspired to help others overcome similar challenges. He spent 15 years developing a method that simplifies English learning into 51 key skills, which he launched through EdenFiftyOne in 2021. Despite the pandemic, the platform quickly garnered accolades, including Digital Startup of the Year at the 2023 StartUp Awards NorthWest and funding from UK Innovate. Tom himself is a finalist for the prestigious 2023 Great British Entrepreneur Awards.

EdenFiftyOne’s inclusive approach has received praise for its equitable pricing structure, praised by UNESCO and educational leaders for its affordability based on GDP/PPP. The platform aims to close educational gaps and provide quality English education, crucial for lifting individuals out of poverty and accessing global opportunities. As an award-winning initiative, EdenFiftyOne, under Tom’s leadership, is set to make a significant impact on English education worldwide, with the upcoming Great British Entrepreneur Awards providing further recognition.

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