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EdenFiftyOne™ is the ed-tech platform that clarifies, monitors and tracks the 51 universal skills of reading, writing speaking and listening within English language education.

In harmony with all exam board specifications and international awarding bodies, the EFO™ platform accurately maps the journey of teaching, learning and assessment: from intermediate levels of literacy to advanced-level communication [B1-C2].

Empowering English teachers and learners and enhancing the English language assessment process, EdenFiftyOne™ promotes a logical, universal and accessible methodology that demystifies the English language experience for everyone involved: from the classroom to the exam hall and into the wider world…

Begin your EFO journey: one skill and one step at a time…



Supporting Teachers
To Support Students

Teach, track and monitor

Manage all aspects of student performance within reading, writing, speaking, and listening.


Inspire students of all abilities via a clear and logical approach to learning

Improve Outcomes

Improve outcomes for everyone, one skill and step at a time


Instantly demystify the English teaching and learning experience of reading, writing, speaking and listening


Promote a culture of clarity and confidence that excitement and creativity can be built upon


Reduce over-load for teachers and learners

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International Award Winning Ed-Tech!

We are very proud to announce that the EFO™ platform has received an ‘ELT Excellence Award’, in the category of ‘Education Platforms’, by the prestigious judging panel of the ELT Forum in Athens.  EFO™ Founder and former English teacher, Tom Reynolds, is really looking forward to exhibiting with our Greek ELT partners [PACE Ahead]; collecting the award and presenting the platform’s benefits to all of our English teaching colleagues in the Greek ELT community. See you soon! Royal Olympic Hotel, Athens, 30th and 31st August.

User Testimonials

We achieved our best-ever English language results. Utilizing EFO undoubtedly helped students to make significant progress, and as such, it played a crucial role in the record-breaking success of our department.
S. Kitt, Head of English,
Bushfield Academy
The EFOplatform enables teachers to have the most detailed picture of students’ strengths and weaknesses...
Teaching can be truly tailored...
A great tool for supporting students to make rapid progress... A platform which has endless potential to support students...
I. Simpson, Director of English,
Ellis Guilford School
The EFO™ platform makes life so much easier for teachers and learners of English language: regardless of exam board. Everyone knows what to focus on and exactly what to do next in order to progress. For B1-C2 learning, this is a superb resource and there is nothing else like it!
M. Alofogianni, ALC Language Centres, Greece

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